Sixty Degrees

CD: Jawad Arghorayeb
Senior Art Director: Arek Vaz
Art Director: Ramzi Chaptini

Project Lead: Rene Reda
Project Manager: Racha Fattouh
Strategy Director: Nastassja Toll

Sid Lee
ECD: Kris Manchester
CD: Brad Getty
Lead Creative Team Adrien Heron, Ugo Martinez and Julien Hérisson
Producer Marie-Christine Toupin, Vlad Smith
Exec Strategist: Tom Ramsden
Director: Glenn Michael
DP: Xiaolong Lou
EP: Christian Tyler, Vlad Cojocar
Prod: Jason Aitia
Editorial: Nimiopere
Editor: Graham Chisholm
Co - Editor: Steve Puhach
Editor Assist: Griffin Stobbs
EP: Julie Axell
Studio Feather
Online Artist: Julian van Mil
Online Assist: Dequiera Atherton
VFX: Luke Bellissimo, Julian van Mil
CG: Karol Kisiel
Motion Design: Justin Wotherspoon
EP: Sara Windrim
Colourist: Mikey Pehanich
Colour Assist: Sam Howells
Producer: Ashley Goodwin
Music and Mix: Cult Nation

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