Get people living in Qatar and fans who are planning to visit Qatar  for the FIFA World Cup tournament. To be aware and excited about the range of entertainment options. There's something for everyone, beyond football.
By showcasing that being in Qatar will be the ultimate World Cup tournament experience. 

Event Truth
The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be a World Cup like no other. 
It will be the first FIFA World Cup to be hosted by an Arab country and will set the tone for every FIFA World Cup that follows. 
Qatar is the smallest country to host a World Cup and will host the most connected and compact version of the tournament making this FIFA World Cup one of “football fiesta”.  The tournament sets a new standard for how the world connects and experiences a tournament. This is the first time fans all over the world congregate in one place to celebrate and experience  all things football and more.

The energy, the pulse,
the vibe and the feeling is unmatched when you are at the center of it ALL.  

Concept sketch and work in progress
The most compact World Cup in tournament history is about to kick off.  
A tournament happening in the center of the world. 
A tournament that will be at the center of everything in Qatar. 
We are inviting all fans from all over the world to celebrate all the football, all the entertainment, all the culture, and all the diversity. To feel the thrill of the World Cup, the experiences it brings, and the highest concentration of a feeling that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet. Why? Because the experience is always better when you are closest to the action. 
Here is the vibe that can’t be replicated anywhere else.
Everything football and more… it does not get more concentrated than here. 
It’s all happening here, and it all starts now.


During this amazing time, Qatar will become the world capital for endless entertainment surrounding the World Cup. We will recall the NowisAll look & feel in the curvature of our world, as well as the landmark/stadium interior in the background. The focus will be to highlight the wide variety of activities and showcase all the thrill and excitement visitors and local fans can expect to enjoy. We want to use this as a welcome to the world of All. The bird’s eye perspective over the city’s night skyline allows us to show how innovative and smart Qatar is by bringing in a futuristic feel.
Live it all in Qatar

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