Pipilotti Rist Exhibition
Embarking on the captivating pathway paved by Pipilotti Rist's "Electric Idyll," this campaign is a dynamic journey into the heart of dualities. In the realm where 'wild' innovation intertwines with 'friendly' serenity, we saw a pathway to weave a harmonious narrative of dualities.
Like Rist, who finds inspiration in connecting our interior life with the outside world, our campaign mirrors the intricate dance of nature, life, and the global tapestry. Venturing beyond conventional art experiences, we've taken this pathway to design immersive activations that expand viewers' senses, injecting the wild and friendly into each artistic encounter.
It's more than a campaign; it's an engaging exploration through Electric Idyll's dualities, inviting audiences to explore, connect, and transcend.
The poster's design seamlessly merges the artist's portrait with the immersive nature of her art, inspired by dynamic patterns in her colourful video projections.
We've crafted visuals where the artist's portrait becomes an integral element, blurring the line between subject and artwork, embodying a duality that enriches the organic fusion of visuals with the art itself.
Our approach goes beyond placing a raw photo of art/artist on the layout; instead, we've designed the visuals to feel organically intertwined with the inherent duality of the art.
Lenticular posters, with their ability to create dynamic visual effects through the interplay of images, are a perfect medium to mirror the duality inherent in Pipilotti Rist's "Electric Idyll" and amplify the campaign's core theme.
The lenticular posters will serve as captivating gateways into the world of 'wild' and 'friendly.' One angle might showcase vibrant visuals, representing the 'electric' aspect of the exhibition. As viewers shift perspectives, the mood of the image seamlessly transitions to a serene, calm feel, embodying the 'idyll' tranquility within Rist's art.

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